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Senior Executives, Directors and Managers with Responsibility for:

  • Member Engagement
  • Member Experience
  • Marketing
  • Member Retention & Loyalty
  • Member/Customer Service
  • Product and Member Engagement
  • Consumer Markets
  • Retail Markets
  • Retail Innovations
  • Market Segmentation
  • Operations
  • Member Operations
  • Member Service Operations
  • Consumer Member Service
  • Member Outreach
  • Call Center
  • Utilization
  • Provider Services
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Business Development

Also of interest to Marketing, Business Development, and Solution Providers

Rave Reviews From the October 2014
Member Engagement Event!

Forward-thinking health plans have recognized Member Engagement as a powerful, on-going competency that serves to strengthen plan performance, enhance member experience and bolster retention while driving outcomes excellence through effective member communications.

We are in the midst of a membership growth wave with the first year firmly behind us. Plans should not only be thinking about driving incremental sales, but should be highly focused on world-class member engagement. How do you keep members from opting out of your health plan? How do you build loyalty that lasts a lifetime? Stopping leakage is now every bit as important as winning the customer.

Member engagement make it Your Strategy for Competitive Advantage

This leading-edge event showcases proven solutions on how to build and enrich member touch points across the full spectrum of a health plan's operations — from enrollment to utilization to financial transactions. Our speakers, comprising the nation's top member engagement executives, will share key strategies and tools you can apply to your plan's operations at all levels.

Benefit from the integrated 5-part conference format that comprehensively covers:

  1. Operationalizing the Member Engagement Experience
  2. Member Services That Build Loyalty
  3. Aligning Provider and Clinical Utilization Services with Member Engagement Initiatives
  4. Frictionless Billing and Claims Operations at the Point of Member Engagement
  5. Integrating Member Engagement into Your Plan’s DNA

Personalizing Your Operations Developing a "Retail" Mindset

This is the only event to explore the fundamental mental shift required for health plans, providers, and employers to be 'more retail' from an OPERATIONS perspective. What are the requirements of a true personal consumer experience, what do we need to know about our members to do this, what really drives personal health behavior, are the core questions we need to ask? How do you attain quantifiable data that helps us understand member needs so we may actually improve their health as well as their health care experience?

Personalization means more than the standard "right place, right time" philosophy that focuses on sending messages to people based upon their condition at an appropriate time and through a preferred medium. Our model shifts the focus onto the individual before considering the risk or disease. It's about the paradox of changing whole populations of people one person at a time. This is the brave new world. Are you ready?


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Innovative Member Engagement Operations


Innovative Member Engagement Operations

Innovative Member Engagement Operations

Healthcare Claims Operations

Healthcare Claims Operations

Healthcare Claims Operations

Healthcare Claims Operations

Healthcare Claims Operations


Innovative Member Engagement Operations